Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tis the Season...

Anyone who has worked retail during the Christmas season can definitely relate to this story. While home on winter break from college, my father would petition us to come work the season rush at his store. (He manages an Academy store) This particular season we were working in a snootier area. During midday we would grow extremely busy as nearby office workers would come in for last minute shopping. I would usually have a long line of customers and you know when getting into a line at a retail place it's anyone's guess how long the line will take to dwindle. I had just finished helping a nice but rather slow customer who was full of questions. Well, the next guy in line was a real charmer. I could tell by his expression that he was annoyed so I tried to get him through as quickly as possible.
Mr.-I-am-so-above-waiting-in-lines-because-I-am-special was quite cranky that I hadn't moved faster. As I was wrapping up his order, he leaned over and said, "Ma'am, did you know you are a real bitch." I'm sure he was waiting for me to break down in tears or get angry and yell back at him, that would have made his sorry little day. But in the interest of "the customer is always right," (and unholy mischief) I hitched on a super-big grin and replied, "Thank you SO much for noticing." This guy turned I don't know how many shades of red and I could clearly see the dilemma rolling around in his head. He had no words. He couldn't go report me to the manager. (who was my father no less) What was he going to say? "She was mean to me, she actually had the nerve to smile when I called her a bitch. Nope that would never work, so he snatched his receipt, turned on his heal and retreated as I stood back and chuckled.

At the age of 16 when I started out in the world of retail my father gave me some sage advice. If a customer is mean or rude then I need to be all smiles and politeness. If I were to get angry or upset, it would just add fuel to their fire and give them what they were looking for. Essentially they would own me. Now when I stand in line at the grocery or wherever, I sometimes get annoyed that the clerk is taking too long but I also respect that they may be having a tough day and try to be as polite as can be in return. I figure I'm just passing on the goodwill for not letting people get to me in the past.

My family, to this day, is greatly amused by the story and it has become legendary. My grandma loves to tell her friends how I didn't miss a beat and stood up for myself.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Time Keeps on Slipping...

The month of May has blown by, where did it all go? I have been really busy with work. So much so that the thought of touching a computer when I get home from work is revolting. Hence the lack of updates. I had all kinds of interesting things waiting to post but couldn't ever find the time to come post them. Oh, priorities. I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend which I didn't realize we had until a week ago. Like finding things? After that I have a short week at work where I have only one job to complete; (That's right, I'm all caught up) and then it is off to sunny Destin for a week of relaxation. I feel pretty badly because Brandon can't go with me this time but he was the one to suggest that I go. Originally I wasn't going to go this year but I have been stressed out from work and it is starting to affect my attitude. Plus this might be my last vacation for quite a bit of time so I figure I need to take advantage of it. I'm sure Brandon is excited by the prospect of not having to deal with my drama for an entire week. Lucky him. He just has to deal with the drama of The Chu.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Chaos, Be Gone

Life has been so full of stress lately that all I want to do is find a nice quiet corner in the world to be alone with my thoughts. Ah, to be able to cast away all of the "nonsense" and not have to worry about what might pile up in the meantime. Work issues will just cease to exist, the bills would just miraculously pay themselves, the house would become spotless without having to lift a finger. It's a nice dream. With time I have become better equipped to deal with stress, but now it is starting to affect me physically. The little pressures in life seemed to have piled up and created one big burden. I'm sure I could use a vacation as the last one I took was a year ago. Where to go? The possibilities are endless, it would be nice to be spontaneous and just take off on an adventure. Unfortunately the "real world" calls. I know life will go back to normal soon, I just wish it would hurry up.

Monday, March 27, 2006

I am a Bad Nurse

My poor husband is sick; he never gets sick. And when he gets sick he becomes the most pitiful, helpless creature on the planet. I would think he has the stomach flu because he said he was nauseous and had fever and chills but now I am wondering since there has been no "worshipping of the porcelain god." Like I said above, I am a bad nurse. Last night I was worn-out and his "pitifullness" was wearing on my nerves. He kept asking me weird questions and I was pretty snappy with him. He also tossed and turned all night and that along with the strange dreams and the cat jumping on my head kept waking me up. Needless to say I didn't feel particularly cheery when I woke up this morning. I decided to not let the rotten mood get to me and was extra nice to him before leaving for work. I brought him the thermometer so he could take his temperature (still over 100) and brought him juice and Tylenol. I also made sure he was comfortable, put things like his glasses, remote, and phone next to the bed so he wouldn't have to get up much. I have tried to not disturb him by calling so he can get some rest. I will probably leave work a little early so I can go make sure he is ok and see what he feels up to eating tonight. Hopefully he will forgive me for being so "reowy" last night and won't treat me too badly whenever I catch whatever he has.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Peace & Quiet

This weekend marked the end of the hectic pace that has been with us since before Christmas. Other than minor things Jeff and Jessica's wedding was a success. We are happy to say that we found her car keys. :) I look forward to weekends of not having to be any where or do anything for a while. Since I have been running so hard lately I decided to stop pushing myself so much and took the day off of work yesterday. This is such a rarity for me, I think I have called in sick 4 times since I started working here almost 3 years ago. It was nice to not have to be anywhere or get stressed out by everyone else's usual panic. So I spent the day resting and working on a project I need to complete before Jeff and Jessica move to Arizona on March 31.

Friday, March 3, 2006

By (Somewhat Less Than) Popular Demand

Ok, Ok, I know that I don't update enough as someone was so kind to remind me. Things have been pretty crazy lately and I know that isn't an excuse so here you go Anthony! I would like to add, how am I supposed to know that you are missing my posts if you don't leave comments? ;) He told me he didn't realize he could post comments until recently and said, "I know, I'm a man." Just like a man. I'm not presumptuous enough to think that anyone really reads this stuff. I'm sure I have a few readers but I guess it never really mattered to me, this was always just a fun way to put some ideas out there. And someone suggested that writing more frequently, writing anything really, like I used to might soothe my weary soul. I used to write volumes and volumes, the ideas flowed out like water. I used to stay up late into the night writing, even if I had to be up early for school the next day. My greatest dream as a child was to be a spinner of tales and publish some of my work. Unfortunately, I have always been overly-critical and so everything that was previously written by yours truly is in a landfill somewhere. Of course part of me now wishes I wouldn't have been so hasty, I'm sure most of it would be quite amusing now to my venerable wisdom. Shhhhh, don't tell Brandon, he would smirk at me for years to come and say, "I told you so." I know Brandon, you are right, oh wise king of the pack-rats. So I used to write a great deal more than I do now, what happened you ask? I fell out of the habit in college when I picked a challenging and time consuming major that didn't allow much free time at all, so the writing was always put on the back burner. And now being a college graduate of X years, I have gobs of free time, right? Well not so much, I never knew life could be so busy and I don't feel like I do all that much. But I do find time to unleash the soul and hopefully with time more interesting stuff will come out of me then just this blog. Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, January 23, 2006

Jonah Week

This week hasn't been a particularly good one. After suffering a "Jonah Day" on Monday, things have improved but only slightly. Monday was one of those days when I felt absolutely rotten and just couldn't do anything right. I was making mistakes at work left and right and of course when I find the slightest mistake, the perfectionist in me has to change it until it is right. So everything took me about three times as long to do. Needless to say, I was in a horrible mood. I wanted to start over many times but kept reminding myself that "tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, I was much better in spirits. My problems that day actually began on evil Monday. The vision in my right eye was slightly blurred and I was seeing halos around light which is scary. I decided to forgo the contacts for the day and wear the dreaded glasses that make me look like such a nerd. :) I had to take an hour an a half from work to visit the eye doctor who seemed quite perplexed as to the reason for the corneal edema (swelling) he found in my eye. So I was told to skip the contacts until my vision improves, call if my vision gets worse, or else come back in a week. My grandmother is legally blind due to complications from type I diabetes and I am reminded on a weekly basis how her life is impaired by vision loss so I take eye health very seriously.

And here we are on Wednesday. I am glad to say that my vision has improved slightly though I am still not seeing 20/20 in that eye. Today it seems nothing intelligent can come out of my mouth. Perhaps I should take a vow of silence, I'm sure Brandon wouldn't mind that at all. Also the "scatter-brained-ness" from Monday hasn't gone away. I'm not used to this! I want my brain to go back to how it always is.
I know that in the grand scheme of things most of these problems are small potatoes, but I am glad to have this outlet of sorts. And I take solace in the fact that "tomorrow is another day."

Friday, January 20, 2006


I am feeling much more human now, which is good because I have a packed weekend of running errands. -I have to pay for my bridesmaids dress for Jeff & Jessica's wedding. The dress is my favorite color and a great style for my tall, thin, wide-hipped body so I will definitely be able to wear it again. -I also have to order a cake, look for decorations, and plan a menu of eats for Lindi's baby shower. -And then I plan to relax and maybe have a little fun since this week has been pretty rotten.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Chu Strikes Again

I had to add a funny story. I always enjoy reading other people's cat tales so IF anyone reads this thing I hope they can get a laugh. On Saturday I was incapacitated and asked Brandon if he would run down to the pharmacy and get me some Aleve to help with the pain. He made sure I was comfortable, left my cell phone nearby in case I needed him and left. The Chu was lying sweetly on my legs keeping me warm. The moment I heard his truck door shut she jumped down and then jumped on the desk and proceeded to make herself very comfortable indeed on the keys of Brandon's laptop. She knows good and well that he doesn't like her on there. I weakly yelled for her to get off and then took the miniature stuffed cat Brandon left near me and threw it at her hitting her squarely on the hip. She didn't even flinch. About 10 minutes later Brandon arrived home and when his truck door slammed shut she jumped down and came back to lay on the bed as if to say, "See, I haven't done anything wrong." And people say cats are stupid.

I'm Back (Minus a Few Bits)

So this post reveals that I am still alive! I never doubted for a second that I wouldn't be. My surgery was at 8 am Friday and I was headed home at 2 pm. I had a bad reaction to the anesthesia. Oh my, I don't think I have ever been so sick. The only requirement for me to be able to leave was to use the restroom. My mother helped me drag my sorry self there and no sooner had I sat down then I was panicking because I was about to be sick. I told them ahead of time that I have a weak stomach and they gave me something prior to surgery to keep me from getting sick. Nope, didn't work. Apparently it runs in families too, my mother said she has the same problem. I was sick 2 times more as my mother helped me dress while my poor husband had been sent by a nurse to pull the car around an hour before. And for good measure I had to beg for Brandon to pull over on the way home, he didn't quite read my mind to get out of the view of the busiest intersection in the entire city so they got to see me in all my glory. :) After getting home, I didn't think I could make the short trip into our apartment. The thought of curling up on the pavement was ideal at the time. When I finally made it to the bed I stayed there and lying down kept me from being sick anymore.

Part of the procedure was to fill my abdomen with carbon dioxide so the scope would have more room and an easier view. An added "bonus" is that some of the gas is still trapped inside, which is more painful then the actual incisions. It makes taking deep breaths impossible and walking around painful. But I will persist, the walking helps me recover faster.

The verdict is that I do have endometriosis. I have a mild case so there wasn't too many lesions to remove. I had a particularly large bit on the ligament that holds my uterus in place so that explains why certain activities I had begun to cease were so painful. I will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks to discuss the treatment options and to review the "awesome" pictures of my insides. I am grateful for the outcome; grateful to know what has been bothering me and thankful that it doesn't seem to be severe.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Signing My Life Away

I spent the entire morning getting informed about my procedures and signing consent forms. I feel as if I signed my life away. My head is spinning from all of the information I have to process. I found out that I will have additional procedures completed as well as the laparoscopy. Hysteroscopy and D&C for good measure. Everything will last anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours depending on what they might find. So I should be able to go home by 2 pm tomorrow which will be nice, I have never been in a hospital bed before but I know I would much prefer my soft, cushy bed with my husband and my cute ball of fluff. And the doctor says I am allowed to go back to work on Monday if I feel up to it, though I am not allowed to do any heavy lifting for 2 weeks. It isn't that I absolutely love work and can't stay away, I would just fear the state of my inbox if I was away for too long. I am the only designer so if I'm not there to do the work, no one will do it. I'm trying not to be nervous or think about it too much, but of course that is more easily said then done. I trust that the Lord will watch over me and make sure I am safe. Wish me luck, I am otherwise healthy so I hope to be back up and running in no time.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Next Time with a Little Warning Please

How is this for unnerving? I found out this morning that I am scheduled for minor surgery on Friday. FRIDAY!!!!!!! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm not prepared for this mentally!!! Some warning would have been nice. It turns out the surgery coordinator was out sick and someone else was supposed to call and let me know. Well it is a good thing work is so understanding. So tomorrow I go in for pre-op lab work and signing consent and talking to the anesthesiologist. The only "surgery" I have ever had was to have my wisdom teeth removed. Granted this is only minor surgery, but I am still nervous.

I am having a laparoscopy to determine whether or not I have a chronic illness called endometriosis and if they find it they will try to take care of it then. The outcome will produce mixed feelings. If I have it, it will be a relief to know what has been causing all of the pain for the last 10 years, but at the same time some fear for the progression of it and what that might mean as far as children. I am somewhat prepared for the outcome after finding out a few months ago that endo is what the doctor thinks it is. I have done much research on the illness. If it turns out I don't have endo it will mean going to various specialists to find out what is causing all the pain. I'm not looking forward to that.

Whatever the outcome, I know that God is watching over me and taking care of me. Knowing this does bring me a lot of comfort, if I didn't have Him in my life I would be a real mess. This blog is a nice little outlet, I feel much better already after venting my frustration.

Friday, January 6, 2006


I will say that in the last couple of years I have changed from being an eternal pessimist to more of a realist. I'm sorry all of you optimists out there, I'm not quite there, nor do I ever think I will be there. I am comfortable with treating the world for how it is, not always seeing the negative or the positive. Where am I going with this? I have set and accomplished goals. I have conquered battles. But I am still stumped as far as my purpose in life and career goes. I suppose it is time to dust off my copy of The Purpose Driven Life. Maybe I just didn't get it or perhaps I just wasn't receptive to the message the first time around. I find that my problem is I am interested in a great many things. My brain is full of ideas but I haven't been able to focus on one set career goal. I think it is wonderful when a child grows up knowing exactly what they want to do in life, goes to college to get the degree, and lands their dream job. Unfortunately, that isn't me and it never has been. And unfortunately I am not able to be this free spirit and explore options in an unlimited amount of free time; I have bills to pay, college was expensive.

Am I disappointed that I am no longer interested in pursuing a career in my degree field? No, college taught me much more than how to design a "pretty" building. I will say that I am open to whatever may come my way. Like many others I am searching for my purpose and meaning always remembering that it isn't how God fits into my plans, but how I fit into God's plans.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone, too quickly I might add. So much has changed in the last year that I have hope this year may bring some exciting changes as well. I am no longer bothered by change. The biggest change for me is my stronger faith. I don't have all the answers, I am far from that, but I no longer worry about the mundane things in life. Why bother? I am open to the possibilities God has in store for me.This year we hope to finally go on our honeymoon. When we married 2 years ago we were hit hard financially. Brandon was in an accident that totalled his truck a week before our wedding and my car was stolen 2 months later, so for a week we had no transportation. It was pretty pathetic but I have to laugh at all of that now. I look back on that first year of marriage and it was HARD but we survived. So where do we want to go for our honeymoon? That's the hard part, at first we said it would be fun to go to Australia but we would need a lot of time off to make that worth our while. I would like to go up to Maine and Nova Scotia during the fall since it is my favorite time of year and I have heard first hand the views are spectacular. Hopefully we will work all of that out soon.Next month will witness the birth of my "first" nephew. Brandon has 3 nephews and 2 nieces, 4 of which were born before we married, but none of MY siblings have had any children yet. Collin is due February 17 which is the day after his father's birthday. So I will have to get in plenty of baby snuggles before my mother graduates from college in May. After that she says we will have to go through her.

In March my older brother will be getting married to a wonderful woman, Jessica. I always joke that she doesn't have to marry him, we will keep her and get rid of Jeff. Then at the end of March they are moving away to Arizona. It will be an adventure to start their life away from family, I am kind of jealous. ;) There is nothing like being newly married and having family CONSTANTLY telling you how to live your life.

So that is the outlook for the next couple of months. I look forward to the unforeseen adventures that will come our way.