Monday, January 23, 2006

Jonah Week

This week hasn't been a particularly good one. After suffering a "Jonah Day" on Monday, things have improved but only slightly. Monday was one of those days when I felt absolutely rotten and just couldn't do anything right. I was making mistakes at work left and right and of course when I find the slightest mistake, the perfectionist in me has to change it until it is right. So everything took me about three times as long to do. Needless to say, I was in a horrible mood. I wanted to start over many times but kept reminding myself that "tomorrow is another day."

Tuesday, I was much better in spirits. My problems that day actually began on evil Monday. The vision in my right eye was slightly blurred and I was seeing halos around light which is scary. I decided to forgo the contacts for the day and wear the dreaded glasses that make me look like such a nerd. :) I had to take an hour an a half from work to visit the eye doctor who seemed quite perplexed as to the reason for the corneal edema (swelling) he found in my eye. So I was told to skip the contacts until my vision improves, call if my vision gets worse, or else come back in a week. My grandmother is legally blind due to complications from type I diabetes and I am reminded on a weekly basis how her life is impaired by vision loss so I take eye health very seriously.

And here we are on Wednesday. I am glad to say that my vision has improved slightly though I am still not seeing 20/20 in that eye. Today it seems nothing intelligent can come out of my mouth. Perhaps I should take a vow of silence, I'm sure Brandon wouldn't mind that at all. Also the "scatter-brained-ness" from Monday hasn't gone away. I'm not used to this! I want my brain to go back to how it always is.
I know that in the grand scheme of things most of these problems are small potatoes, but I am glad to have this outlet of sorts. And I take solace in the fact that "tomorrow is another day."

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