Thursday, April 19, 2007


I have been thrown for a loop. My work world has been turned upside-down and inside-out. I have wanted to throw tantrums, tear my hair out, chuck my computer out the window, and get up and walk out among other things. My partner in crime abandoned me to the wolves. She was tired of the abuse by our super-star, micromanaging boss (who is in one of our other offices in a totally different state; great for communications and all) and accepted a much better offer from what sounds like a much better company. I wish her all the good wishes in the world and have nothing against her except one thing: she didn't take me with her. (Though she did some fishing to see if there could be a position for me there, mighty nice of her, I should say.) Now it remains to see the fallout from the little bomb she dropped right before she left. There has been a lot of scrambling to cover some high-up butts which has been THE only entertaining thing about it. It's hard to believe this only happened about a week ago. Already I have been uprooted and moved to a different location, assured by the president that I'm not going anywhere, and given vague details by one of the VP's about a new project he wants me take on. I have been a little stressed out to say the least. I'm beginning to wonder if I want to stay with the company at all after all of the mess. All I can think of wanting to do is find some remote island and curl up and go to sleep for at least 3 weeks and then maybe come back to the real world. Sometimes being a grown up is just no fun, why can't we just throw a temper tantrum? I want to know.

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