Monday, July 28, 2008


God help me, what was I thinking? My parents and sister are in Florida for the week and I agreed to watch their two cats. They have kept Chu (before the advent of Tigger) while we have been away so it was only fair that we return the favor. However, my nice, quiet, peaceful home has turned into a three ringed circus. 800 square feet for three cats is not a good idea.

My parent’s cat is easy to watch, he isn't the problem. Buster is on a special diet so we have separated him from the other two in order to keep them all out of each other's food. He spends part of the day lazing about and the other part trying to convince us that we forgot to feed him and he is wasting away. He has picked an awfully strange place to hang out.

Meanwhile, my sweet, even-tempered Chu is being harassed by my sister's spaz-tastic kitten Tigger. Oh my!! He will..not..leave..her..Alone! If she tries to eat, he comes and tackles her. If she tries to use the box, he comes and paws at her while she is in there. She has always been a perfect angel when it comes to the box; she has never gone outside of it. I am having fears that she will start refusing the box and start using a shady corner because of him. And oh, the screaming and hissing! I have accidentally called her by my childhood cat's name because Princess was in an eternally pissy mood.

Tonight we came home to breakables lying all over the floor. One of Tigger's favorite passed times is finding an unsuspecting person's filled glass and dipping his paws in, then knocking it over. We placed the toilet paper roll on a high towel bar and he managed to get it down and shred it. He climbs all over the bar, counter tops and table. (blech) The first night he was here I slept about 3 hours because I kept hearing "hiss" and "bang." In order to get some respite from the little devil we have taken to placing him in his carrier over night. I have never seen an animal act so crazy. He runs around to the point that he falls over panting and heaving, then he gets up and starts over again. I think I much prefer visiting him.

I'm ready for peace, and quiet, and order to return. Life with one cat seems perfection to me right about now. I am already itching to clean up all the stray fur and litter (ick) lying around. I'm counting the days until they come retrieve the beast.

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