Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Taking it to the Limit

We have been discussing Andy Stanley's Take it to the Limit: How to Get the Most Out of Life in our young couples class at Sunday school.  Sunday's discussion was about how margins in our schedules are pushed to the limit or even beyond.   Our days are numbered and only our Heavenly Father knows how many days we have left.  So why do we let the urgent things push away the important things?  We spend too much time letting society tell us we have to cram our schedules full in order to be considered successful when the truth is; while we may be completely busy we aren't really doing anything productive.

I became saddened (and bored) when the subject was hijacked by a few and the discussion revolved around their children's schedules.  It was disturbing to hear.  A couple of the parents in class revealed (not in their own words or probably in their own realization) that they have no schedule or even time for themselves because they spend all of it taking their children to activities.  They allow their children to think that the world revolves around them!  One person even stated the earthly hierarchy of relationships to be kids, then spouse!!!  I was seriously taken aback by that.  I have experienced having relationships out of order and what a mess my life became as a result.  You get one out of order and all your relationships suffer.  Besides, isn't modeling a healthy, loving relationship with your spouse better than taking your 3 year old to 5 activities in order to better prepare their resume for college?

Oh, Rachel, you simply can't understand, you don't have children.  Whatever, I am a child myself and can remember growing up with my parents in charge, the world definitely didn't revolve around me.  We have been planning and trying to have children for the last two years and realize there is a danger in allowing children (or anyone really) to dictate your life.  It's just something to be aware of. 

In reality I believe children should compliment your life.  Yes, there will be adjustments and sacrifices but there is already a family in place before a child enters the world.  If the relationship is strong before hand, it won't falter with all of the adjustments.

I don't expect that everyone would agree with me or that I even wrote it out very well.  It's just part of my view of the world.

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