Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Day in the Life..

6:00am - Out of bed, so glad I took my shower last night.  Feel like I have a huge hangover which is ironic since I haven't had anything alcoholic to drink since 2005.

7:00am - Out the door for the 30 minute drive to church.

7:30am - Choir practice for 8:15 service.  When I got there today, there were only 3 other people.  I looked around nervously thinking, "and today is the day my voice picks to be scratchy, I can't project this morning."

8:15am - Service starts. We ended up with a total of 9 voices.  Thanks to our miraculous sound board (and awesome sound guy; the love of my life) we sound double that.

9:45am - Sunday School.  There is only one other person there so we discussed the hurricane and financial situation until 2 other couples showed up.

12:00pm - Went to visit my mother for her birthday.  Played with my sister's psychotic cat for a while.

2:00pm - Took mom out for lunch, didn't embarrass her by telling the restaurant it was her birthday.

4:45pm - Back to church to get new music for 8:15 choir.  Choir practice was from 4-5pm last year but they decided to switch to 4:45 - 5:45pm because they thought no one was involved with junior high confirmation at 5pm.  Guess who agreed this summer to help out with confirmation this year?

5:00pm - Over to the other building for confirmation class.  Got assigned 5 lovely 12 & 13 year old girls to guide this year.

6:15pm - Confirmation ends.  Run back over to sanctuary for last 15 minutes of  ladies choir which sings next Sunday and then we are done for the fall.  Discover the fuse keeps blowing in the sanctuary so the air isn't working well.

6:30pm - First meeting of hand bell choir.  Haven't played since I was about 10 and have forgotten all I learned then. (I have slept many times in the last 20 years) Remember that I can read treble clef if I squint and remember cute little elementary music cues of "Every Good Boy Does Fine" and "F.A.C.E" (alto is my primary clef) The entire group impresses the director with how quick we picked it all up.

8:30pm - Back home exhausted.  Joyous kitty to greet us at the door.

Next Sunday, rinse and repeat minus birthday stuff. 

I enjoy participating where I can.  A few years ago I admit I was nervous about joining the choir because I would be the youngest by far.  But I soon realized that getting to know people across a wide range of ages is good for the soul and got over my silly notions.  It's a bit sad that for a church our sizes we only had 9 people singing this morning. 

Helping out with junior high was a likewise daunting task.  I haven't been around kids that age since, well, I was a kid.  I used to work with kids all the time but have realized over time that I don't relate well anymore.  We were asked by the coordinator to become guides because they wanted "hip, young couples" who aren't junior high parents, to help.  I felt led outside of my comfort zone to accept the role.  And it's nice to know that someone thinks we are "hip" and "young" though to 13 year olds, I'm sure we seem ancient.

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