Thursday, September 11, 2008

Go Away Murphy!! aren't welcome here.

One year ago, today we paid cash for our 2002 Honda Civic. We were (and still are) quite proud that we accomplished this. Today we found out that the alternator needs replacing. Happy Anniversary!! Not significant news right? Well, if there is a hurricane heading this way, maybe. We decided to wait and see what this storm does before paying the $500 it would take to fix it. It would be just our luck that we have them fix it and the car is totaled in the storm. A few weeks before my car was stolen 5 years ago I spent some major cash on routine repairs. In the spirit of looking at the bright side of things, at least we have a repair bill for a paid for car rather than a bill for a car that we still owe money on. And we have our emergency fund, Murphy repellent, if you will, in place in anticipation of such events.

We are not in an evacuation zone for Hurricane Ike, but I am getting a kick out of our neighbors to the far north and west freaking out because they think they need to drive to Canada to get out of danger. The local news is sensationalizing everything. I'm just sorry that I don't have cable and can't watch Jim Cantore freaking out on the island. Remember, it isn't a hurricane until some news anchor is out there flopping around in a puddle like a fish out of water.

We went over to make sure my grandmother's plants were all picked up so my uncle wouldn't have to deal with them when he picks her up on his way home from work later. I was happy to see that her storm shutters were already installed on her windows. (One less thing for us to do)

Then we ventured to the grocery store to get a few more canned items in case we are out of power for a significant time. It was packed! It brought back horrible fond memories of days working Thanksgiving and Super Bowl rush. I wish I thought to bring my camera with me. The most hilarious was the amount of wine that was off the shelves. Must have the necessities, right? We were also right behind a couple of younger women who had a cart full of junk food. They nervously discussed the amount it would all cost and how much they had (over $100) They ended up having to give back half the cart. They gave back food and I noticed the 24 pack of beer remained. I thought, "please give back the beer, you don't need the beer." Finally after giving back more food they decided to give back the beer. Renewed hope for humanity.

Now, we wait. During the last storm threat 3 years ago I cleaned the place from top to bottom because I had nothing else to do. And because I figured if we were out of power for days I would rather be in a clean place then messy. Brandon plans to work uninterrupted tomorrow since they have a new Japanese store that is supposed to go online Monday.

Good, bad, or otherwise, I know that God knows what he is doing and we are in His hands. God bless everyone who is impacted by this storm.

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  1. Good luck, I hope it passes without incident! Great attitude regarding the car.