Thursday, September 25, 2008

Strange Obsessions

I have found that cats can provide an infinite source of entertainment. Our Chu is no exception.

Among her other Siamese quirks, she has some strange obsessions:

She absolutely loves scotch tape. If she hears us pick up the tape dispenser she comes running from what ever sleepy spot she is in and starts hovering. She will not leave us alone until we tear off a piece and attach it to her in some hard to reach spot where she takes on the challenge of removing it. If we tear off a sticker, or the like, she thinks it's tape as well.

If we start using the printer, she will climb up the desk, try to stick her head in to watch the printer head. She will even swipe at it.

If the answering machine starts going, she will climb up the shelf to find out where the voice is coming from.

When I leave a tote bag on the floor she will climb in on top of whatever happens to be there and make herself comfy.

She has been known to climb on top of the TV to swipe at people on TV. Apparently she doesn't like John Stewart? She will also knock off the Wii sensor bar to bat at.

While cleaning out the kitchen I removed all the drawers in a stack to clean, guess who made herself right at home way back in the corner?

She loves chasing pens and pencils, she has a collection behind the bathroom door. My architectural supplies would routinely go missing in college.

When bringing in groceries, she bolted out the front door, she never does this since she is afraid of cars and noises in the hallway.

Holiday Edition:
When we bring in the Christmas tree, she goes batty. While taking it through to the porch to put it in the base, she bolted out the door and through the bars of our patio, something she never does.

She has been known to find a perch in the Christmas tree.

I just wanted to remember these things since she is older and won't be with us forever.

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