Monday, January 12, 2009

Knocked Down

Miserable, I feel absolutely miserable.  I have no idea how something as simple as a cold, and not even a full blown out cold could knock me down so solidly.  It started out like they always do, sore throat and aches, but never progressed to the coughing, sneezing and stuffiness.  It has been the strangest cold I have ever had though.  I haven't had any energy for over a week, I have zero appetite, (I am forcing food down at this point) and I am constantly feeling sick to my stomach.  On top of everything I woke up Friday morning with my left eye glued shut.  Great!!  I haven't been around anyone else in a week, haven't had pink eye since I was a child, how could this be happening now? 

I am grateful that my loving, caring husband is so patient in dealing with my black moods and whining.  He has been cooking dinners, grocery shopping, cleaning, and doing everything he can to make me more comfortable.  And he hasn't even complained once.  He is a blessing beyond words.


  1. Did you get to go to LA? Years ago I remember you telling me you had never been outside of Texas (It is a pretty big state - bigger than a lot of countries!), so was this your first time out? I hope you feel better really soon.