Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Miscarriage That Never Ends

I have dealt with all the emotional aspects of losing my child. I am doing very well in that regard and we aren't giving up hope.

But someone at the hospital on the day of my visit really screwed up. I remember someone coming to my room to take my insurance card and license to copy for my records. The only problem is that no one ever updated my information. They used the information on file from 3 years ago. They filed with an insurance company I haven't had in 2 years. So of course I started getting bills for everything. And I am still getting bills to this day.

It's not as simple as calling and giving the hospital my updated information. I am getting separate bills from pathologists, radiologists, physicians, and anyone who interpreted anything having to do with my visit. All because someone couldn't find the time to update my information.

I understand that mistakes happen but they seem to happen an awful lot in the medical and insurance fields. This is not the first time I have had to deal with something like this. The system is broken and it needs to be fixed. And socialized medicine is NOT the answer, I won't even get started on that mess.


  1. People look at my husband and me like we're absolutely insane for not having health insurance, but we decided a few years ago that we'd rather pay for any medical expenses out of pocket than have to deal with insurance. I agree, the system is completely useless. I hope you get everything straightened out!

  2. hmmmm as an American living in a country w/ socialized medicine I'll only say that it is not as bad you think. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

  3. Insurance, when it works, is well worth it. However, I don't necessarily thinks it's entirely insurance that's the problem as much as the way hospitals and clinics bill things that's the problem. You don't get just one bill for a hospital visit, you get a bill from everyone who so much as glances at you, and the bills never come at the same time. You don't really even know how many bills you're going to get because it seems you're never finished paying them. The system is VERY broken, and I think one of the first ways to change it is for everyone to get paid from only ONE bill and billing system.

    I agree that socialized health care is not the way to go, but there are certainly ways to fix things. Bureaucracy is the problem. Having the government control things will only make it that much worse.

  4. Thanks you for all the insight.

    Louise - I don't think it's insane, it's awesome. One less thing to worry about.

    Lindy - I'm happy that the NHS works well for you.

    Adrienne - You are right, the whole system is very messed up.

    I just wish it were simpler. Our grandparents paid all of their expenses out of pocket because cost was much lower. It saddens me that not everyone is getting the care they need. My aunt and uncle own their own business and no one will give them insurance. I have friends whose insurance rejects them because their illness isn't important enough to be covered. I just think the whole system needs to be examined before such a broad change of socialized medicine be put in place.