Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tis the Season...to be Busy

The last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind of family and activity and never being home. There was:
  • A Christmas concert to participate in.
  • A cookie bake with just the girls.
  • My nephew's birthday party. (since his birthday is 12/24 he usually gets passed over for parties.)
  • Running around town trying to find a Wii Fit for Brandon, having to settle for plan B, then finding out that's what he got for me and he found it the Monday before Christmas.
  • Christmas eve at my grandma's house.
  • Christmas eve service to participate in across town.
  • Christmas morning at my parent's house for breakfast.
  • Stopping by my MIL's house for half an hour because she didn't want to celebrate Christmas unless all her children were together.
  • Christmas afternoon at my aunt and uncle's house all the way back and then even further across town.
  • My parent's house for dinner to see my younger brother and his family who came in town after Christmas.
  • A going away dinner with my older brother and family before they drove back to Arizona.
  • Dinner at my aunt and uncle's house with younger brother and family.
  • Dinner at my parent's house before younger brother and family left.
And now I have been forced to slow down because of some sort of winter crud that has left me feeling achy and tired but hasn't really materialized into a cold. I'm not really sick enough to lay in bed all day, but feel bad enough to not want to do anything.

Meanwhile we have a wedding to go to this weekend, a wedding in LA on January 31 that we still need to book a flight, hotel room, and car rental for, and a wedding on Valentine's day in Lubbock that we need to book a hotel room and rental car for.

I'm telling you, it never ends.

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