Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Abilene Weekend Highlights

I have a lot of catching up to do what with all the doctor's visits and busy weekends lately. And now I am on bed rest until tomorrow so I have the perfect excuse.

My mother, Brandon and I traveled to Abilene on Thursday night to spend the weekend with my brother's family. We were entertained by my 3-year-old nephew, charmed by my sweet baby niece, and amused by my brother's antics.
  • While making lunch Friday I made the mistake of offering a 3-year-old his choice of sandwich. I went down the list of options and he said no to each. After that I decided to just set a turkey and cheese sandwich in front of him. While I was making it he announced, "I like peanut butter." I had only placed the slice of cheese on the bread at that point so I took it off, broke it into pieces and set it on the side of his plate and proceeded to make the peanut butter sandwich. When I set the peanut butter sandwich with cheese on the side in front of him he sternly informed me, "No, the cheese goes on the inside of the sandwich." He then pulled the bread apart, put all the cheese on the peanut butter sandwich and ate the whole thing without complaint. He also demanded a pickle to complete his meal. YUM!

  • Ella is the calmest, happiest baby I have ever met with no exaggeration on my part. She is all smiles and coos when she wakes up, smiles all day long and only cries when you take away the bottle half-way through feeding to burp her. She loves having her diaper changed and goes to sleep easily. She is also sleeping through the night. Bryan and Lindi must have hit the baby jackpot as far as easy babies go, though Collin is making up for it a little now in refusing to potty train at home.

  • Lindi's mom and brother came over Saturday night to play Cranium with us. Towards the end of our first game they drew a Club Cranium cameo where we had to pick one person from each of our teams to do a charade. They all looked at the word and burst out laughing and I thought, surely they wouldn't put THAT in there. So laughter ensued as my husband, sister-in-law, and brother started miming the various stages of procreation. We guessed all the obvious answers but they kept going. When they were about ready to give up Lindi picked up some flowers, pointed to the pistils and stamen while Brandon started holding up more and more fingers. Finally it clicked and I guessed reproduce. We were in tears through the whole process of actions, answers offered, and confusion when we weren't right.
  • After the Cranium games were over Bryan and Lindi's brother, Zach were wound up so they decided to go through the acting box to entertain us further. Brandon made the observation that we were getting a glimpse into the future of Collin and Jaxon. (Jaxon is Zach's son who was born 5 weeks earlier than Collin. Hardly a day goes by that they don't see each other so they are more like brothers than cousins.)
  • We took Collin to the zoo on Friday. He was so excited, "I want to see the lions.. and the monkeys..and the 'jig-geraffes'.. and the snakes." He would run over to one cage, glance at the animals and run off to the next. We played at the park afterward where he didn't want to leave. When told we were going to go see mommy and daddy he informed us, "I don't like mommy and daddy."
  • Collin is headstrong and very particular about doing things a certain way. He has a bit of a temper at times. (just like his Daddy did) If he wants your attention he says, "HeyHeyHeyHeyHey..." until you give it to him. He loves Dora, Elmo, working puzzles, and playing trains.
  • We went to The Homeplace Restaurant while there which is always a treat. The country food is to die for and the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in another time.
It was quite an enjoyable weekend minus the drive. It's just a shame that we only see them 2 - 3 times a year but with a 6 hour drive one way, it's difficult to find time to go more often. Both Collin and Ella change so much each time we see them. And I miss getting to hang out with Bryan and Lindi.


  1. That was so funny! I love the great things kids say - and Brian's kids are adorable! I hope the Dr.s figure things out soon - good luck!

  2. I'm hoping this one is a happy, easy baby. I figure we got the colicky, cranky, demanding one the first time around, so we're due for an easy one, right? Not sure it works that way, though ...

    Praying that your health improves SOON!

  3. sounds like a fantastic weekend. Reading how easy she was reminded me how difficult Squidge was! Diaper changes were nightmare- I think I have PTSD just thinking about it!