Monday, February 2, 2009

Traveling is Fun..

..but it's nice to be back home. We just got back from a long weekend in Los Angeles. We went out for a good friend's wedding. I visited L.A. about 12 years ago but had forgotten how sprawling that city is. There are so many people, cars, buildings, and traffic there.

People here in Houston complain about the bad traffic and rude drivers, but Houston has nothing on L.A. It takes 30 minutes to go 9 miles in L.A. Mind-boggling. Brandon kept driving super-carefully. Ha! They ate him for lunch. In L.A. there is no right-of-way. You do not slow down and you definitely don't stop when the light turns yellow. If you haven't moved within a second of the light turning green, you get a honk. The turn signals on all cars are broken. I snickered at Brandon's shock when a motorcycle zoomed in between two lanes of stopped traffic on the freeway. Thank God we borrowed a GPS from my mother, it was a God send. Although the GPS did get confused a few times, apparently they move streets around there. :)

It was a short trip but we did get to drive around for a bit of sight-seeing. On Saturday evening we made our way down to Santa Monica to walk around the beach and then the promenade. It was fun going around watching and listening to the street performers. There was a middle school kid out there playing classic rock songs. A crew of b-boys that reminded me of the 80's. This guy was out there playing his violin. Some guy was out there boldly evangelizing.

Our flight out was nice and smooth and fairly empty. On the completely full flight back we rode a roller-coaster. Fun times! Thank God for Dramamine. I didn't realize that some airlines have started charging for the first checked bag. I have always been able to carry on my luggage. But with the ridiculous liquids rule in place, this is the only time I wish for stick straight hair. With naturally curly hair I have to put a lot (A LOT) of conditioner and mousse in to tame it, and I can't put it in my carry on. I have heard that they might do away with the rule so that's good news for me.

We were given a good talking to by Chu when we got home. She reminds me so much of a dog when we get home from trips. She is at the door waiting, she excitedly runs back and forth not wanting to let us out of her sight. She demands attention and won't take no for an answer. She did express her displeasure either with our leaving or not giving her sufficient attention by loudly knocking things off of great heights in the middle of the night. It usually takes her a few days to adjust to other's homes, so for weekend trips we are able to leave her at home with a continuous supply of fresh water and a large bowl of food. For longer trips she stays with my parents or sister.

Now it's time to unpack and clean up and get back to somewhat normal life. I have more medical tests this week and next and one that has yet to be scheduled. My doctor called while we were on the plane Friday morning to say they found a polyp in my small intestine so they are removing and biopsying it as a precaution. Perhaps it's the cause of my lack of appetite and pain. The likelihood of it being malignant is small so I'm not worried. She would also like me to repeat a liver enzyme test since I had elevated numbers twice within the last year. Those numbers were the fluke that caused my doctors to later find the connective tissue disease. My pain has decreased somewhat and I am able to eat a bit more, but my appetite still hasn't returned to normal. Here's to hoping that they solve the mystery soon.


  1. Sounds like a fun trip! One of my friends is living around LA right now, and he said the culture shock, going there from northern NY, was intense. He loves it now, though. I think I would have a heart attack just sitting in the passenger's seat watching someone else drive!

    Hope your tests are conclusive and the doctors help you get things straightened out!

  2. glad you survived the LA traffic and that you had a good time.