Friday, March 13, 2009


Praise God! After my first round of blood tests following treatment I am pleased to say my liver numbers have all returned to normal and my blood cell counts are all good. I had my first appointment with my new doctor who I know I will enjoy working with. He wants to take me all the way off the steroids and then the 6-MP. I began the weaning process for the steroids last night and it will probably take a month to come off completely. They will continue to monitor my liver numbers and blood cell counts very regularly and as long as my liver numbers are good I will be able to get off the medications. Awesome news! The side effects have been annoying and I am looking forward to getting rid of them. No more all too frequent trips to the bathroom. (even at all hours of the night, I feel like I'm pregnant again.) Good bye to the horrible breakouts all over (I look like I have the measles) No more retaining water, night sweats, dizziness, and fatigue.

And best of all we will be able to start trying for children again. That is still months away but it sounds like it will be sooner than first expected. 6-MP is a chemotherapy drug. In treatment of cancer it's function is to kill bad cells but it isn't choosy, it can kill good cells too. (most often the blood cells) That wouldn't be a good thing for a developing baby. At first I was told I would have to take the 6-MP for at least 3 months and then it would take another 3 months for the drug to completely clear my system. Being told we had 6 months more of waiting after 2 painful years of trying was hard to hear but we knew it was for the best. After all I need to be healthy before I can worry about the health of a growing little one.

For some reason the autoimmune problems in relation to pregnancy have been easier to handle then the infertility. While infertility isn't final it has such a finality about it, there is hardly any control over the outcome. I think that's why it's so much harder to deal with emotionally. The autoimmune problems can almost always be controlled and I'm showing great progress in responding so quickly to the treatment. With roadblock after roadblock it is easy to become discouraged, to want to just give up and I do struggle with letting go and trusting God will answer our prayers. I just keep reminding myself that whatever happens will be to the glory of God and who am I to argue with that?

I am excited for the progress and the good news. I have learned to slow down, to listen to my body when it says 'enough.' And even better, in slowing down I am learning to enjoy my life just where it is instead of constantly thinking about where it could be. After all it fits well with one philosophy of success I admire: finding contentment no matter your situation.


  1. I am so happy for you! You've been in my prayers, and I'm thrilled to hear such good news.

  2. That is so wonderful! I am very happy for your many blessings.

  3. glad you're feeling better.