Tuesday, May 12, 2009

New Edition

Last night we welcomed a new little one into our home. And by little, I mean 6 lbs, 4 oz. Tiny! We named her Midna.

It's been a long time coming. I asked a couple of years ago to adopt another cat, Brandon said yes. We agreed to adopt from a shelter or other adoption program. We decided on another female, male cats are fine but you have to get them young and have them altered before they start spraying, we can't have a cat spraying up inside our apartment and we refuse to just let a cat roam free in the city. We decided on a kitten or young cat so she would not be too set in her ways and would be more accepting of the cat we already have.

Every time we would find a cat meeting our agreed upon requirements, Brandon would grow indecisive.

While volunteering at the SPCA on Friday I found a little cat in one of the back rooms where they don't get a lot of attention. Brandon came down and we agreed to adopt her. She is a Tortie-point Siamese/domestic short hair mix, blue eyes, brown points, with light yellow patches here and there and some crazy speckled whiskers. She's 1 1/2 years old, has a sweet, affectionate temperament, and a purr that is ridiculously loud for her small size. Maybe that's why the shelter called her Sweet Pea.

We currently have her closed up in our huge bathroom because we need to have her health checked before we expose her to Chu. Cats can pick up highly contagious, respiratory infections in shelters and her paperwork says she was brought in as a stray so she could have worms. She was given medication for both as a precaution but I would rather be safe then sorry. Also it isn't good to just shove 2 strange cats in each others faces right away. We will use a number of techniques to introduce their smells to each other before they actually get to meet in a week or so.

Chu is a bit nervous, she knows some strange beast has entered her territory. Midna is somewhat curious but doesn't seem put out by Chu. I'm anxious to get them together. I'm pretty sure they will be friends before long.

The poor thing looks so ragged but with a proper bath in a couple of weeks and some good food she will become a good looking little girl. We are happy to give her a home and affection.

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