Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Midna Mischief

Midna goes everywhere, gets into everything. She enjoys perching on top of the upper kitchen cabinets where she can survey the entire apartment. She does this by jumping on the counter, (ick) onto the refrigerator, and then to the cabinets.

Yesterday, she managed to push open the freezer door as she launched herself upwards. Brandon came home to find ice cream "soup" on the floor and mostly thawed out meat. It took him quite a while to clean up the mess and he locked her in her cage to keep her out of the way. I came home right after he finished cleaning to the sound of plaintive meows, begging me to let her out.

I suppose we need to invest in a child lock for the freezer door. In the mean time I improvised by taping the door shut with packing tape. Very "Aggie engineered."

So in the next few days I will be making various chicken casserole recipes to freeze since I now have about 5 pounds of defrosted chicken.

Thanks kitty!


  1. Oh the things that our animal children force us to do!

  2. Ahh! That is so funny! Just think of all of the ready meals you will now have on hand!