Monday, January 18, 2010

My Fuzzy Man

I have discussed with Brandon over the years that he had better not grow a beard and mustache, I just knew it would look bad.  He agreed.  This December he took lots of vacation days and didn't worry about shaving.  We both thought, what if, and agreed to see who could stand it longer.  Fast forward to now, I actually like it, surprise, surprise.

Yesterday at church, I had just returned to the choir loft at the front of the church.  I looked down to see Brandon waiting to kneel at the communion rail and my heart started racing.  He looked hot!  What I'm sure was a dopey grin slipped on my face and I praised God that after 13 years of being together I could still be delighted by the sight of my husband.  Sounds silly, I know.  But one of the things I try to guard against is taking Brandon for granted.

He was amused when we climbed in the car and I shared my experience with him.  He never imagined I would like him so much with facial hair.  Yes, I was eating my words. So he's going to maintain it. He gets mixed reactions.  Most of our junior high kids tell him he needs to shave, that he looks old.  Adults tell him he looks distinguished.  The owner of his company says all he needs is a flannel shirt and an ax and he's all set. 

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