Thursday, February 25, 2010

First Appointment

Everything went smoothly.  I was told that I don't have to obsess about maintaining a perfectly, balanced diet.  At this point whatever I can keep down is what I should be eating.  Good thing since I'm having a hard time finding things that agree with my stomach. I appreciate a doctor who doesn't make a mother feel badly for not eating perfectly like some of those ridiculous books out there.  Right now, I'm doing the best I can.  She also suggested I take vitamin B-6 to keep away the morning sickness. (All day sickness is more like it.)  Crossing my fingers that it works for me.  I've tried sea-bands but I don't think they are doing much good.

We were excited to see the ultrasound, uncharted territory for us.  Baby is alive and well, and thankfully alone. Baby was very cooperative, measured exactly 7 weeks, and we were able to see the little flickering heartbeat.  The EDD is mid October.


  1. I figured out the same thing my second time around - toss out what the books say you should be eating, and listen to your body, eat what stays down!

    In fact, I found that tossing out the books was a good idea in general - all they did was make me guilty and/or paranoid!

  2. I am so happy for you! Yeah!!!!!! I agree with Elouise about tossing the books! There are a few good things that a book can tell you, but mostly you just need to play it by ear. Everybody is different and needs different things. All of that advise just makes you worry more and forget that you are dealing with a real live person. This is such wonderful news.

  3. So incredibly happy for you. Enjoy and savor every moment. Soon you'll have a little ham of your very own!