Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

Ah!  Some relief.  I haven't quite made it into the clear yet but I can see it.  "Everything" isn't making me sick anymore.  I can actually sit for more than a few minutes at a time on the computer without feeling sea sick.  My brain feels like it is working somewhat again. And I have enough strength to care about house work, projects, and exercise once again.

Our taxes are finally finished, all checked and ready to go out.  We usually aren't in a hurry to get them finished and sent ahead of time because we usually owe a little bit. I just didn't feel like pulling out and organizing receipts for deductions this year.  This year has by far been the easiest year in quite a few to prepare taxes. We came the closest this year to breaking even, (only having to pay a tiny amount) but for some weird tax credit I don't remember hearing about. Ah well, the credit will be partially donated and the rest put toward retirement anyway, we didn't expect it and don't really need it.

I need to research shade loving flowers.  The "harsh" winter killed my 3 best plants this year after surviving the last few winters just fine.  I want something colorful that will hopefully bloom throughout the year instead of the 3 dead plants still sitting on my porch.

I need to research and then make a scratching post for Miss Trouble.  She shredded the backside of our dust ruffle before I noticed.  Covering the entire surface in packing tape stopped that bad habit.  She continues to claw the rug and couch, luckily both are sturdy and don't really show her work but I want to break these habits for the time when we have nicer furniture.

We need to plan our vacation.  This has been a trial to say the least.  We sacrificed for years and years and now that we are out of debt and have a fund set aside for a nice vacation we can't decide where to go.  And this is our last chance to have one pre-baby.  Not that we won't be able to take childless vacations in the future, my mother has already preemptively taken charge during those future times, but we want time, just the two of us before this next bend in the road.  We have looked into different places, we just need to narrow down our possibilities, so hard when there are so many places we want to see together.  My only real requirement is that I want us to go somewhere neither one of us has yet been. Time is a-ticking though, the end of May is fast approaching.

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  1. I am so glad that you are starting to feel better! Hopefully it will be smooth sailing now, and you will feel good for the rest of the time.