Monday, May 17, 2010

Baby Brief

Baby has been growing.  How do I know? I finally have started to as well, though I still have only gained a couple of pounds. I joke that my body is merely redistributing.  I am now in week 19.  At about week 17 I finally popped out a little.  I am still getting mixed reactions.  Some who are still finding out I am pregnant are shocked to find out how far along I am and then ask, "So when are you going to start showing?"  If I where something a little more clingy I get smiles and comments on my "cute little belly."

I made my first maternity wear purchases.  I had been using the rubber band button-hole trick with my usual jeans (and still do) but figured maternity pants would be a bit more comfy.  I was lucky to find some long length pants in the actual store.  That rarely happens for me.  I have dreaded having to shop for maternity stuff for that reason.  Unfortunately the jeans kind of fall down so perhaps I need to wait longer or just continue to hitch them up.  I am getting by wearing my usual dresses and skirts to church for now.  I'm not going to spend a fortune on maternity clothes and I won't be buying things until I need them.

I felt first movements from baby when I was about 13 weeks along.  But they were very sporadic and faint.  At 18 weeks is when I started feeling movements more regularly.  Such an awesome feeling.  Baby is especially active when I eat, as if to say, "that's good, more please." It's kind of funny that I won't be feeling anything, then I take the first couple of bites and get some kicks.  It happens without fail.  I am still sometimes surprised by an especially hard kick.  When it happens I reply with, "Hi baby," which greatly amuses Brandon, he thinks it's cute.  I can't wait until he can feel movement too, I really want him to share in this experience especially since we lost Sarah so soon he never really got attached to her.

We are working on our own baby project.  I like the idea of store bought pregnancy journals but I can't find one that fits all my picky, creative criteria.  So we are making our own.  We are writing out all the important dates and milestones as well as notes and letters we want to leave for our child.  We plan to scan our writings in and combine them with pictures to eventually create a book.  That way, when grown up, baby will have thoughts in mom and dad's hand, something both of us would have treasured.

June 1 marks the "big" ultrasound.  Brandon wants to be surprised upon birth but has generously said that if I really want to know, I can find out and keep the secret.  Everyone says I won't be able to but I know I can.  I haven't been referring to the baby as "he or she" but only baby and would continue to do so.  But I know I would get lots of pressure from family.  They have all taken in turn to tell me they can keep a secret too. LOL yeah, right! So I haven't decided what to do yet.  Either way I can't wait to see baby moving around and "waving" to us again.


  1. On the one hand, a surprise is good. On the other, it's good to be able to have gender specific items when baby is here.

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. I'm thrilled you're feeling him/her. :)

  3. We had one surprise, and one knowing beforehand, and I actually kind of preferred the surprise. It was convenient to know beforehand ... but there was something extra-special about meeting Baby for the first time without any expectations whatsoever. My sister, on the other hand, would probably wither away and perish if she had to wait the full nine months to find out. It's all a matter of personality!

    I'm so thrilled you're growing - and showing - and feeling Baby moving!

  4. Feeling the baby movements were my favorite part! I'll bet you are adorable with your bitty prego belly. You know, it is always a surprise when finding out the sex of the baby; you either find out sooner, or keep the suspense a little longer. If you like to plan ahead, you should probably find out the sex of the baby b/c those nesting instincts get pretty intense. But if you can handle last minute preparations, then waiting is a lot of fun too!

  5. Oh I remember our ultrasound where we could find out the sex. Walked in there saying I didn't want to know but the instant she asked me I said YES very loudly. LOL so uuum I guess I did actually want to know. Afterwards I called my mom and aunt and we all had a big ole cry! Good luck!