Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mama Midna

With a baby on the way we have often wondered how Midna will react.  With Chu we don't have to worry, she is fairly distrustful of small humans and generally keeps a safe distance.

Today we got a small preview when Jessica and Emilie paid us a visit. I have to admit I was more than a little nervous because this wasn't my own child.  (Funny how that always works.)

When they came in she placed the car seat on a chair.  Both kitties came in to investigate.  They were both up on their hind legs sniffing and wondering what was in there.  Once Emilie started making baby noises in her sleep, Chu took up her post at a safe distance in the doorway to our room.  Better to make a quick escape if this baby "tried" anything.  LOL

Later on Emilie woke up and I was holding her as mama made a bottle.  She grew impatient and started to cry.  Midna ran up to me, looked up with wide eyes, and let out of very concerned meow.  As I sat down on the couch she jumped up and began to affectionately rub her head on Emilie's outstretched hand.  Her concern was adorable, she was acting like a little mama, trying to comfort the baby.

It will be fun introducing Midna to "her own" baby.  I have great hopes that the two of them will become friends in time.

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  1. Bart's cat Sylvia was very maternal to both boys. She "took care of them." I imagine Midna will be the same way.