Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The "Big" One

This morning was the "Big" ultrasound.  Last night was a restless night, I didn't get a lot of sleep.  Throughout this pregnancy I haven't had a clue one way or another whether we are having a boy or a girl. When I did sleep last night I dreamed about our baby, finally getting "confirmation" of what we are having.

Needless to say this morning I was more than a little groggy and our appointment was at 8 am. I decided to go ahead and find out the sex as long as Baby decided to cooperate. Before they would let Brandon in, the technician needed to check my cervix and then let me empty my bladder before doing the thorough exam of Baby. I explained to her that I wanted to know but Brandon didn't so could she please take a peek before letting him in.  She laughed, said that when it's the husband that wants to know but the wife doesn't, the wife usually knows before they leave the room because he can't contain his joy. She looked a bit, showed me and told me she was sure it was a ______ but she would have to look further during the exam to confirm.

She let Brandon in and I just grinned at him. We enjoyed getting to see Baby again, little arms waving and legs kicking around. The technician showed us and explained to us which parts were what.  I could see when she was looking between Baby's legs, that was also the only time she was quiet, but Brandon was oblivious.  At the end I asked her if Baby was still what she had said before, she answered yes!

I am glad to know that Baby is healthy and happy, all organs are developing properly. We are just over half-way there and closer to meeting our little one.