Thursday, August 12, 2010


I'm already in training for those nights that will soon be upon us, the nights of waking multiple times to attend to an infant. Because I've gotten to the "uncomfortable" stage, I'm not sleeping well at night anymore. I wake up frequently when my hips start aching from sleeping on my side.

Today however has taken the cake. This morning it was a motorcycle racing up and down our street at about 2:30 am which caused me to lay awake for some time. Then Midna found the cap to my jump drive and chased it across the bathroom floor around 3:00 am. Up again to confiscate and hide it. Next, it was time to get up for a trip to the bathroom. I managed to fall back asleep only to be awakened at 4:40 am to the sound of Midna cracking my jump drive in half (which I left sticking out of the computer that sits about 5 feet up on a shelf) and chasing that across the bathroom floor. That got her locked up.

And now here I sit, eating a bowl of cereal because I am far too hungry to go back to sleep at the moment, with a forlorn cat occasionally asking for release. I hate to think how tired I'm going to be this afternoon after a long day of working. (shudder)