Saturday, October 30, 2010


Ah Midna, Terror-Extraordinaire:

Not only can we not keep you off the counters, table and the top of our 7-foot bookshelves but among your many other “talents” - opening dresser drawers and emptying contents, cabinet doors (even the uppers, which I can’t comprehend), kitchen & bathroom drawers (and emptying those contents), and yes, once even the freezer door!  Our home is covered in masking tape to keep you out of things.

The spray bottle doesn’t work on you in fact; you thinks it’s a fun game to try to get us to use it. Three squirts and your out, relegated to the crate for a while so I don’t lose my ever-loving mind.

I'm sure some day I will be amused by your antics when you are an older, more sedate cat. (please, dear Lord, please!) But right now, Beasty, you are driving me nuts!