Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sunshine!

Our precious little girl! Sunshine. Baby Sweet. Littlefoot. How blessed we are to have you in our lives! I remember you being placed in my arms one year ago, how did the time go by so quickly? Not a day has gone by that I haven't marveled that you are actually mine to keep. It's a joy watching you explore your world, taking in every new thing with an excitement we take for granted.

So, happy birthday sweet girl. May this be a year of blessings as you continue to grow in grace.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

New York, New York

Things I learned on my first trip to NYC:
  • New York is not intimidating, overwhelming maybe, but not intimidating.
  • A NYC taxi ride is..interesting...
  • Getting to the airport by subway takes about the same time as a taxi ride and is much cheaper.
  • I think I would need 2 weeks to be able to see everything I want to.
  • It is possible to go to NYC without a carseat. 
  • Times Square is media ADD. So much to look at but so hard to focus on one thing before something else grabs your attention.
  • When we have been experiencing drought conditions in Texas, it is guaranteed to rain nearly every day while we are in NYC.
  • Rain doesn't stop people, there were just as many people walking around in the rain as when it wasn't raining. And apparently umbrellas are optional?
  • Grocery shopping in NYC is quite different. I can't imagine living there and having to shop that regularly. I like to plan a menu for a week and make one trip. Grocery shopping is not my favorite past time.
  • When leaving the city it doesn't take much time at all to get to rural areas.
  • Madeline is an excellent traveler. She stayed mostly entertained or slept on the plane. She enjoyed being pushed around in her stroller. If she got tired she would fall asleep without a peep while we were walking around.
  • Her favorite was Times Square. Passersby kept trying to say hi to her or get her attention and while she usually likes "talking" to people, she couldn't keep her eyes off of the blinking lights.