Friday, June 22, 2012


It's been a long week, but it is now over!! (well, almost)

This week was Sky VBS. I was crew leader for 5, 3rd graders and let me say, I think it's easier to wrangle cats! They were pretty good kids for the most part, but keeping an eye on them, keeping them on task was exhausting! But I energetically participated with everything to keep those kids motivated. I did all the singing and dancing, made crafts with them, helped them with theirs and played the games with them.

Because of VBS, Miss M's usual wake up and nap time was messed up. She is used to waking up on her own around 9am every day. On Monday we had to be there at 8am so that meant we had to wake her before 7, the other days it was 8:30 which was a little easier. Not a happy girl that first day. Because of her early wake up, she cat-napped in the car on the 30 minute drive home each day. Which in turn meant that she didn't want her usual nap in the afternoon. Which then caused a serious case of crabby pants in the evenings. But Mommy is struggling hard with fatigue so yesterday I gave into it, turned off her monitor, put her in the crib where she quietly (relatively) played for a while while I took a long nap. I was awakened out of sound sleep by a pointless phone call at 4:30 (grrrrr) and couldn't go back to sleep. During my nap she had fallen asleep and I finally had to go in and get her at 6:30 so she would be able to sleep last night. We are 2 very tired girls!!

She has a birthday pool party to go to tomorrow but I've already decided Brandon can take her while I rest. I woke up this morning with a sore throat which makes me angry! I get sick every....single....year I work at VBS. (that would be 5 years in a row) I was extremely careful. I washed and sanitized me hands whenever I could, didn't touch my face with my hands at all while there, and I still managed to catch something. And because of my last liver test I have to repeat it in a week or so I don't want to take any OTC cold meds that will effect my test.

We survived the week and some change with 3 cats. Tig improved, came out of hiding, began to roam around and even played. And "Bad, Bad, Bad Kitty" (as Madeline calls her) stopped going after him. Still, it will be nice to take him home tomorrow. I've had enough of his unearthly howling, just because, in the middle of the night. 

Well, I'm off for another short nap and then time to brainstorm what to get an 8 year old for her birthday. I'm so out of touch with what kids are into these days. Which means I'm old. Sad, yes!

But that's another story for another day.

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