Friday, June 15, 2012

This and That

Ugh! Have to get that last post off of the top. Every time I open my browser it pops up with that. And I'm not about to go down the road of feeling sorry for myself.

Good news on the job front, Brandon has a year long contract! So yea for steady work. I am struggling with his decision a bit. He had a couple of choices to choose from and the other seemed a safer bet. This one raises some concerns. But I voiced my concerns, all of which he has considered, and I felt he needed to make the decision. I need to learn to trust him again when it comes to work. I have a lot of anger still with how he handled things at his last job, choices he made there. I'm still not sure what to do with it, it's not as if I want to sit here and be angry. But there it is.

This past weekend we stayed with Katy and Michael while my aunt and uncle were out of town. They are great kids but it's a little sad, they no longer want to hang out with us. I guess at 12 their friends are way more interesting then their "old" cousins. Imagine that! But they were sweet to Madeline and did play with her a bunch.

One funny thing I want to remember from the weekend, is when Michael went "missing." He had a tournament that weekend and friends took him back and forth to it. Sunday's game meant that he needed to get up at 5:30 am for his friends to pick him up at 6:20. He is generally responsible, his mom said he gets himself up no problem. So the night before we made sure he had his alarm set. Just in case, Brandon set his own alarm for 6:00.

At 6:20 or so I woke up to the sound of someone knocking on the door. Since Brandon was far more decent he got up to answer it. About 10 minutes later he came back to tell me that he couldn't find Michael. ?!?!?! Ok, the thought that he snuck out at some point was so beyond ludicrous, knowing him. He had to be somewhere. Brandon said he checked everywhere. While he went to tell his friend's dad that he couldn't find him, maybe he got a ride with someone else, (Yeah, right) I went up to check. He wasn't in his room. Ok, so maybe he's in the media room, they are known to sleep in there. I opened the door. Katy was on the floor pillow, I turned on the light and saw one foot sticking out of a dark blanket on the chair. So I shook him awake, told him it was really late and he needed to move. So we got him on his way.

Brandon told me he checked the media room twice, but he did it without his glasses on and didn't turn on the light. Katy later told me that Michael's alarm was going off and it annoyed her, the 2nd time it went off she told him to get up, that she was turning it off so she could sleep. He told her he was up. So next time we will be helping out instead.

This weekend and all next week we are watching Katherine's cat while she is on vacation. Yesterday was a little scary. I apparently have a very mean cat. Midna was screaming and trying to hit him, like all out alley cat, cat fight. It was really frightening, Madeline started screaming in terror. Between all that noise, nice!! I ended up having to fight Midna off with the broom and closed the bathroom door to give poor, scared Tigger a break. At least he's making progress, he spent all yesterday in hiding, now at least he's out in the open. Perhaps tomorrow he will actually allow me to pet him. And the screaming from Midna has simmered down a bit as well, though there is still hissing all around.

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