Thursday, September 20, 2012

M is for Mischief

Oh boy, are we in for it?

Madeline and I got back from the grocery store today to find the railing leading to our building had a nice stinky layer of fresh black paint on it. So I carefully ushered her into the house, gave her a cup of milk and left her on the couch with her books so I could run back to the car for the groceries.

My arms loaded, I came back to open the door. Only it wouldn't open. She locked me out!!! Snickering, I rattled the door and knocked. I heard her come to the door and I said, "Madeline, please unlock the door," and the little imp started laughing at me!! Big, huge baby chuckles. After that, I couldn't contain my laughter.

Cracking up, I walked into the apartment office, asked for the key to our apartment, explained what a model parent I am, and walked back to unlock the door to find the little dear innocently sipping her milk.

Yes, I have learned my lesson. Next time, she sits in the crib and I always take my house keys with me.

Silly, precious child!

And so it begins...

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