Thursday, September 27, 2012

"Night Night"

Parenting isn't always easy. Some days are really rough and I wish for a "do-over." Some days my little sunshine is a little black rain cloud. And then there are days when her preciousness just hits me and melts my heart.

Today she was sitting on the couch, surrounded by her usual mountain of books, reading cheerfully and energetically. Suddenly, she said, "All done, the end!!" snapped the book closed and then announced, "Night Night." She climbed off the couch while looking around until she found what she was searching for. "Friend!!" She gathered her big Violet and small Violet into her arms, and walked over to her bedroom door. I opened it for her and she stood in front of her crib waiting for me to lift her in. And then she quietly lay there pressing buttons on both Violet's to play music.

It's sooner than the usual time I put her down for a nap but I guess she just really wanted to lay down early. Even now she's still in there pressing buttons, playing music, but I guess she's tired and she wanted to be in there.

It's just too cute, I had to record it to remember on the hard days.

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