Monday, October 29, 2012

Finally Germ Free?

The entire month of October has been a germ fest in our household. And I'm hoping to start November (and our anniversary) out right.

First I caught a cold. The worst of it was over by week 2. But as they all seem to do, it moved down to my chest so I had to put my C25K (more later) on hold for 2 weeks. Even after 2 weeks was up the congestion has lingered and while I am much improved I still have a bit of leftover.

Fortunately, neither Brandon or Madeline caught my cold as I took as many precautions as I could. But Madeline ended up catching what I think was a viral sore throat from her cousin. She had a fever with no other symptoms. I tried to look at her throat but getting a toddler to say, "Aaahhhhhh" is rather comical. From what I saw it looked a little red. Fortunately, it held off until the day after her birthday and after a miserable several days she was back to herself.

I called my prayer warriors into action asking for God to guard me from catching the virus. I still wasn't over my cold by then, my immune system is suppressed because of medication, and Madeline has a habit of stealing sips out of my water cup, which she did a few short hours before I realized she had a fever. So by all accounts, I should have caught it, but I didn't! Praise the Lord!!

Next, it was Brandon's turn. We aren't even sure if he caught what Madeline had or not. He ran a fever and was sick to his stomach, but his only lasted a day. Again, I took precautions and spent 3 nights sleeping on the couch or an air mattress in the other room. Not restful sleep in the least, but so far I am still symptom free.

And since, our anniversary is the end of this week, and we are actually taking a trip away just the two of us, I am being paranoid cautious and avoiding contact with any small children other than my own and any people who have been even the tiniest bit sick lately. For that reason (although I didn't tell J when she called late last week) I declined watching K this week and I'm glad I did, since they have all since come down with colds. We haven't really celebrated our anniversary in years and I'm really looking forward to a relaxing couple of days away. I really need it and our marriage really needs it.

So, we have a couple more days in October. I am preparing for and getting excited about our trip later this week. And I am praying for health in my household for the entire month of November.

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