Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Madeline!!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, little girl! Today you are 2! How did the time go by so quickly? Sometimes it seems like only yesterday you were that small bundle who loved nothing more than to be rocked and held in Mommy's arms. Now you are an independent Miss, running from one thing to the next, hardly stopping to give Mommy a hug.

Some of the things you love: 

  • Your "friend" Violet. She goes just about everywhere with you, sometimes both small and large Violet.
  • Your books. Often times a stack of them have to go with us too. You even try to swipe them from other people's houses. Just about every morning you grab a stack, sit down, and "read" your way through all of them. You announce, "All done, the end!" when you finish one and then move to the read stack and move on to the next.
  • Wonder Pets. You recently discovered this show on Netflix. Up until that point you didn't really care for any TV show, you would never sit still and then you would find something else to amuse you. But not this show, that first time you sat mesmerized. And when I turned it off, did you ever protest. So it has become something of a treat and not an everyday thing.
  • Looking at pictures. You could sit for hours watching the slide show of pictures on the computer. You love to tell us who is in the pictures.
  • Dancing to music videos on Youtube. The Halloween light show set to Party Rock Anthem is your absolute favorite. We turn this on and you run around the room, squealing with joy as you attempt to dance and sing along. A new addition is Gangnam Style.
  • Being thrown up in the air. 
  • "Sigh" Your word for outside and your preferred "Sigh" activities are swimming and playing on the playground.

You are changing in other ways too:

  • You have gotten finicky about food. Some days you will eat everything we put in front of you, other days nothing will do. But you are learning the ways of our household. I make one meal for dinner, no special meals for picky little girls. If you don't eat dinner, you just make up for it the next day.
  • You are stubborn. I wonder where you get that trait from?
  • Communication. You speak many words clearly and you parrot nearly everything we say. But there is still much we don't understand so you let your frustration be known to all.
  • Tantrums. Oh, you will not like us one day for mentioning it but it is so hard not to laugh when you throw a tantrum for absolutely no reason. Lately, you will be happily standing with a stack of books and the next moment you throw them on the floor and then scream in frustration. If we could only know what is going on in your head at those moments? We've also caught you throwing yourself to the ground. The first time you did that you looked up in genuine surprise, who knew the hard floor hurt that much. Now, that makes it impossible for me to keep a straight face.
Oh, my dear, sweet Madeline, we love you so very much even when things aren't particularly easy. I hope you will always know that. Today we celebrate your life. We celebrate your triumphs, your failings, and your trying again. We celebrate everything that makes you, you!

Happy Birthday Madeline! May the Lord continue to bless you in the coming year as you grow in His grace.

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