Monday, November 5, 2012


This past Christmas Brandon and I received a gift certificate good for a bed and breakfast in Fredericksburg. We decided to use it for a little getaway to celebrate our 9th anniversary.

I found myself really looking forward to some uninterrupted time away with Brandon. We see each other daily but rarely have real, quality time together. By the time he gets home from work I am physically exhausted which means I usually mentally shut down as well. Once dinner is finished, dishes (sometimes) done and Little Miss in bed I am spent.

So we had a long drive out there, complete with construction traffic pretty much every town we went through. But we had time to just talk without cute commentary coming out of the backseat and eventually country scenery surrounding us. 

We got there and checked in. The house we chose was an adorable Victorian and fortunately quiet. We quietly (as we were conscience there may have been others staying there as well) explored the common areas of the house and the grounds and then rested a little while before going out to dinner.

The next day we walked up and down main street, checking out shops along the way, and even picked out some Christmas presents. We headed back to the house to rest for the afternoon. Then we headed up to Enchanted Rock to climb and watch the sunset. We were even serenaded by a musician at the top recording a music video.

It was a very restful couple of days and it taught me some very important things. I have been struggling lately with what I thought was indifference toward Brandon. The last couple of years have not been easy and there have been a lot of things that have gotten in the way of our marriage. Most of the time I thought I felt emotionally numb towards him. What I realized is that I have been exhausted and most of the time I'm exhausted coincides with when I see him. I haven't felt indifferent or numb, I've just been tired. One on one time proved, much to my relief, that I still love him more than ever, our lives have just changed. And I have to be a lot more intentional about time spent with him. It's hard for us to find time or resources (or babysitters) in order to go out together. But we have to make more of an effort to spend quality time together.

All in all, it was a good trip together that proved educational as well. It's sometimes hard to believe we have been married for 9 years. Sometimes it feels like we've been together forever, probably because we've know each other for half our lives. Either way, I don't say it enough; I love Brandon and am blessed beyond words to be a part of his life.

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  1. I understand what you mean by the indifference. I don't think that we're indifferent to each other, but we're definitely tired. We were tired before L came, and now we're tired in a different way. It's easy to fall into that trap when by the time our little one is down for the evening, we're physically (and sometimes emotionally, spiritually, and mentally) spent as well.