Friday, November 23, 2012

I Did It!!!

I ran in my first race, a 5K and finished!!

In an effort to first, motivate myself to get out and regularly exercise. And second, to lose those last 6 or 7 pesky pounds to meet my goal weight. I began the Couch to 5K training program back in August. Well, I should back up to say that I have started it many times in the past couple of years and then gotten ill and derailed only to have to start again.

But this time I was even more determined. I got up at 6 a.m. every other day to go out to jog. I forced myself up, giving myself pep talks and stayed motivated throughout. In all the other times I've tried, I never got past week 4 of training. Sure enough, I finished week 4 and promptly got sick.

I researched when I could get back out, as long as the cold wasn't in my chest I was fine. Well, it did get into my chest so I was forced to rest for 2 weeks. But I got back out after that and picked up where I left off. Sure, my pace slowed considerably but I had a deadline for the race, the 2 weeks of rest ate into my 2 weeks cushion I had arranged. But, I was determined to run in it and finish the race.

It wasn't always easy. When I moved out of the intervals into the long periods of running, I didn't always make it. But that day that I ran 2.25 miles, I couldn't stop grinning when I finished. That was the farthest I had run in years!! When I hit 2.5 miles, it was the longest I had ever run!! The first day I tried 3 miles I didn't finish. The first day I completed 3 miles was 2 days before the race. My times wasn't pretty, 29.41 minutes, but I did it!

I ran the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I found it most challenging trying to run around all the obstacles (walkers spread all the way across the path at times) but I found myself not running out of breath. I crossed the finish line at 32.44 minutes which was pretty good for me considering the obstacles and the extra bit of distance.

I was so proud! Setting a goal for a non-runner like myself and making it! It felt so good!

My next step is to increase my pace. Brandon helped me out with some ideas from his distance running days. And then I want to find other events to run in.

As for the Turkey Trot, I plan to run in the 10K race next year, this time competitively. Of course, my biggest competition is me. And hopefully I can get Brandon to join me. I can't wait! It was so much fun!!

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