Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Taking Care

I've been looking out for my Mother for the past few days. It hasn't been easy. She had surgery and at first I wanted to spend time with her so she wouldn't be bored stuck in the house for 2 weeks.

But she had complications. She experience a scary bleeding episode afterward. I was at a meeting, had to be tracked down and called away. Fortunately, I had dropped my Grandmother off to visit with her at the time, so she wasn't alone.  My original plan to alleviate boredom turned into needing to be there in case of an emergency.

The next day the bleeding started up again and just would not stop. We tried everything. And then she had me call 911. Recently, I took a first aid course so I was able to stay calm with the dispatcher. They asked if we tried this or that, we had. She elected to be taken by ambulance to the ER. She said I could have driven her but in the event that it got worse or she passed out, she didn't want me dealing with it while driving.

I called my dad to meet us there. I called Brandon to come exchange cars with me so he could take Madeline home. I actually beat the ambulance to the hospital and even waiting for 10 minutes for Brandon to meet me, made it in while she was being triaged.

I stayed with her when she was put in a room. For a long while she wasn't even hooked up to any kind of monitoring so I wouldn't leave even to go to the bathroom. I tried to stay as calm as possible, not letting the emotions, the worry show on my face. I don't do well with a lot of blood, but I handled it fairly well. At one point, while he was dealing with my Mother, the ER doc told me to sit down because I was standing, kind of pacing, trying to keep it together and he told me he didn't want me passing out. I had to leave the room for some of it. Fortunately, though it was extremely painful for Mom, the bleeding was controlled. And she was eventually released to go see her doctor across the street before being sent home.

She didn't have anymore bleeding after that and I arranged with Dad and Katherine so she wasn't ever alone for the next several days. She is thankfully doing very well now even though complete recovery is 12 weeks. I'm hoping by then she will be better than ever, the surgery alleviating the problems she has experienced for years.

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