Monday, July 1, 2013

Dare I Say It?


You are in your room asleep!! By yourself! Success! A small victory and I will take it!

You see, a few months ago you suddenly became terrified of your room. One day you were fine, the next, you were inconsolable. From what we can tell you don't like being alone in the dark.

We tried every trick we could think of. I stayed with you until you fell asleep, only, most of the time you wouldn't go to sleep. You knew I would be leaving so you seemed too nervous to go to sleep. I tried leaving you there, coming back every 15 minutes to assure you that everything was fine. But you wouldn't fall asleep and never stopped crying. Then I tried leaving your light on but when I peeked in I would find you pacing your room in circles. We bought you a pretty nightlight, but even that didn't do the trick.

After many nights of disturbed sleep for both you and me, (Daddy could apparently sleep through a hurricane) I waved the white flag. And I did something that before I had children, I said I would never do; I let you sleep with Mommy and Daddy. It was good to get a full night's sleep. But you are a wiggly thing, you kick and hit in your sleep. And you leech your warm little body onto Mommy who also gets really warm at night. So it wasn't a perfect solution.

You've been taking your naps in Mommy and Daddy's bed while I sit nearby taking my midday quiet time. It also hasn't been a perfect solution as you have always taken better naps in the semi dark and quiet of your own room.

We tried a couple of other things. Letting you sleep in the pack and play in our room. You promptly showed us that a determined little Miss could escape that thing in short time. You triumphantly climbed back into our bed. Then we moved your bed into our room. It took a little convincing but you finally accepted it and went back to peacefully sleeping there.

But then you remembered you could get up and climb into our bed. It started to become a nightly thing. Baby, we think it's cute that you can get around so well when determined, but none of us were getting the restful sleep we should be.

We've asked others for advice. Aunt Jessi suggested that we put a picture of Mommy and Daddy in your room so that when we aren't there you have a reminder. She does that with her kids at school. Aunt Jessica suggested getting you a projector. We have one of those!! Grammy gave it to you before you were even born we just didn't really have a use for it. Grandma suggested that we move you back to your room and that Mommy and Daddy spend a couple of nights in there until you feel more secure.

So we moved your bed back to your room and got your projector up and running. The first couple of nights we set up the airbed and Mommy and Daddy slept all night. After a couple of nights we moved out.

Instead of letting you continue to nap in Mommy and Daddy's bed, I tried putting you back in your bed and you quickly went to sleep with no fuss. Just like you used to. Oh, happy day!

It's good to celebrate even the small things. Of course, after all we've been through with sleep over the past few months, it doesn't feel like a small thing. This is a great thing for all of us.

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