Sunday, October 6, 2013

One Off the Bucket List

We got to go to the Grand Prix and watched an Indy race. Brandon and I got our redneck on. Literally. (We made sure to put sunscreen on our faces but forgot our necks.) Though Kay reminded me it's international so that makes it a little more sophisticated. ;)

I was just saying to Brandon last week that I think it would be neat to go to a race at least once in my lifetime. Since mom's company sponsors a car they brought the car and driver to work and had a drawing for 4 sets of tickets. She actually won and since dad couldn't go she offered the tickets to us. Awesome! Madeline got to go have fun with Grammy and Papa while we went. I do wonder if she would like it too since she is obsessed with Cars lately.

It was loud but not as loud as I expected. I think the cars sound like a huge swarm of angry bees. . The first start didn't work out as one car stalled. So they went around and did a second start. On that one the same car stalled again (towards the back) and a second car stalled with 2 other cars not being able to avoid hitting him. So the 3 of them were out at the start and it was a few laps of caution as they got them off the track. It took some time for them to get up to speed but, Wow! I have to say the cars seem to go so much faster in person then they appear on TV. We decided to cheer on the sponsored car since that's how we got the tickets. He didn't win, oh well, we still had fun.

After the Indy race we watched a Touring race. Brandon was amazed at the young age of some of the drivers. After the first race we decided we had had enough of the heat and sun. It was close to feeling like 100 yesterday and of course today is cool. That's Houston for you. While we walked back to the car we witnessed a crash up close between 2 drivers. Yikes! Both drivers were OK but of course their cars were smashed up pretty good.

Despite the heat hurting my head (and probably some dehydration as well) it was a fun day and I would probably go again sometime. Next time I will remember the sunscreen for my neck.